Monday, June 1, 2009

Sock Yarn in Search of a Non-Sock Project

As the spring days grow warmer, and summer is fast approaching in all its hot sunshiny glory, I am inexplicably drawn to cozy, colorful shawls. If you like shawls, and you'd like to make one from a single color, there's a whole lot of inspiration at Garn Studios lovely site with dozens of shawl patterns.

However if, like me, you're struggling to find things to do with odd bits and pieces of stash, you must try this fun project I discovered over at Yarnloopie: The Sunday Morning Shawl. Her shawls are stunning, very inspiring for a color-obsessive like me. I gathered up my sock yarn scraps and got to work, and continued until I had run out of the color scheme I'd decided upon. It took a few days, but the beauty of it is that, because it's simple garter stitch with occasional symmetrical increases, you need not watch your stitches carefully, and so can do it while watching a movie. I knit my way through "Night at the Museum II," "Robin Hood," "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," "We're No Angels," and "The Sea Hawk." Brilliant!

I did a couple of rounds of half-double-crocheted edging with some extra sock yarn remnant in a solid, contrasting color, which I thought tidied it up a bit.

Here's my first finished Sunday Shawl:

And here's my next one, still in its formative stage. These balls of muted but lovely Koigu Premium Merino were originally purchased two years ago with the intention of making them into a "Charlotte's Web" shawl. I gave it the old college try, not once but twice, and found the lace pattern incredibly finicky and tedious, especially with all the color switching. But why not the simple Sunday Shawl! What a revelation, and so reassuring to know that they will go to good use!

You can find the pattern free on If you're not already a member, I recommend joining pronto. There are so many wonderful patterns floating around there, and you can get truly excited by browsing around other people's gorgeous work.


  1. It's a beautiful shawl. I think it's hard to get this one wrong, impossible even. And it's so much fun! I could not stop at one either. :o)

  2. That is a lovely shawl. And Hedgie wears it well. She is such a pretty girl, with a dreamy look in her eye. Beautiful work, Leah. I love it. I need to get back into my crafts.