Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Love Affair with Dish Cloths

What's a girl to do with a giant storage bin full of cotton yarn scraps?

Make more dish cloths.

My all-time favorite dishcloth is the Peaches and Creme Ball Band dishcloth, re-popularized in "Mason-Dixon Knitting." The color combinations are limitless, although I especially like bright, primary colors all mixed up:

I've also applied the Ripple Principle to the cotton dishcloth, crocheted rather than knit:

And finally, another favorite, the Dorothea Dishtowel (see below for pattern). I like to do this with a slightly better quality yarn; I've used Lion Brand cotton bamboo. I don't have a picture, but these are so fancy that they can be given as special birthday gifts (I gave my mom a set of three this year).


1. Ball-Band Dish Cloth

2. Dorothea Dishtowel


  1. These are cute!! You where very buzy... I love them all!

  2. I love beautiful colors!!! how to make?

  3. I am totally in love with that banded one, but I don't knit! Waaah! Is there a version for crochet? Hmm.

  4. Is that a single crochet around the edge of the knitted ones or a slip stitch? (Am also comPLETEly in love with the Ballbands!)

  5. Hi Amanda! That is a single crochet edging around some of those ballbands--I think it tidies up the messy edges.

  6. these are fab!

    aaagh, I have too many knitting projects lined up!!