Friday, December 3, 2010

A Mouse Tale

I'm not much of a sewer, but I do like to make little bits of things when the mood strikes. My mother got a sudden hankering for a little felt mouse and so I obliged. I found a good pattern HERE, though I had too much trouble turning the tiny arms inside out, so I decided flat felt arms were good enough for her.

I raided my not insignificant scrap stash for her skirt, and quilt and pillow pieces (still in the process of making her bedding). When I'm done, she'll reside in a 250-count matchbox, cozy as...well, a mouse.


  1. So lovely this little mouse.....
    Love it!
    Fine weekend

  2. Hi Leah, what an adorable little mouse even with her own bedding. I like it when people do handcrafts. I also admired your beautiful crochet on top. When I was younger i did lots and lots of handicrafts. Once I crocheted a whole mouse family, actually two mouse families with family tree and everything! They are still here somewhere in a box. Perhaps a bit worse for wear from my grandchildren. Happy days with busy hands! T.

  3. I'd be doing flat arms also! Darling little wee mouse. Thanks for your ice comments on my blog. Cheers

  4. Wow, really dainty handcraft you got here...